Princess Cut Black Diamond Stud Earrings Earth-mined 14K Gold

Princess Cut Black Diamond Stud Earrings Earth-mined 14K Gold

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These gorgeous diamond earrings are a classic and timeless design that will be treasured for years to come. These Stud Earrings feature a perfectly matched pair of Princess Cut Black Diamonds secured in a classic 4 Prong Basket setting with screw back posts which means you will never have to lose one and can keep them on always. It can be worn with your casual outfits or can dress up your formal attire for that special evening out. This earring has a clarity ranging from Black, with AAA color. The setting is available in 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold. These Princess Cut Black Diamond Stud Earrings will be the talk of the night!


  • 14k Gold Earrings :Shine with Princess Diamond stud earrings.Exotic in shading and subtle in style,these diamond studs are a trendy way to be carefree and bold.These stylish pieces of jewelry adorn your ears and shimmer as you move.Sturdy stud earrings are everyday wear attire and also when the correct Fire and Brilliance can outshine everyone else at an occasion like a Birthday or even a Dinner party.Stud Earrings are the most popular and the Favorite jewelry piece that people shop for online.
  • Glitz Design Diamonds : All our diamonds are legitimately sourced under the Kimberley Process Certification. These diamonds are graded as per GIA/IGI Diamond Grading Standards. Each gem selected under this system is required to meet rigorous standards of cut, clarity, color, and carat and is of guaranteed quality. As such, they are among the finest that money can buy. Glitz Design is located in Houston, Texas and is a jewelry maker which sets the highest standards of ethics and craftsmanship.
  • Exquisite Gift Packing : Glitz Design provides an exquisite gift box that gives your gift a beautiful look. Your diamond jewelry would include the Certificate of Authenticity that verifies the 4C's of the diamond and gold purity. Your gift would be in an elegant gift box wrapped in a velvet pouch. A microfibre cleaning cloth would also be included in a pouch. Expect the best packing with this high-quality piece.
  • Princess Cut: While displaying a great degree of brilliance, its faceting style is unique and completely different from that of a round brilliant. The Princess cut had its origins in the early "French" cut, having a step-modified "Double-French" or "Cross" cut crown and a series of unique, chevron-shaped facets in the pavilion which combine to give a distinct cross-shaped reflection when the stone is viewed directly through the table. The Barion shaped cut has now been renamed the "Princess cut"

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