Screw Back Earrings

Earrings are definitely the number one lovely jewelry item for women and men. For many people it becomes something
they always wear, something that never leaves its spot. Since these earrings never come off and become a permanent addition
they also have to be comforable. It is also very important for them to be kept securely in their place no matter what
activities you can possibly do in your day. There is a wide range of earrings available in the market, some easy to use, others
providing more security for your ear and your earring. Screw back earring is a perfect example of a secure and safe earring.

What are the Screw Back Earrings?
The back of these earring is designed in a way that they have to be screwed rather than pushed back and fit the backing.
The earring is threaded and enables the backing to be rotated in order to be fully screwed on the earring.
This way it is impossible for the backing to get off (ofcourse it cannot unscrew itself ). If you have valuable earrings that
you afraid to lose and want to keep safe screw backs may be the right answer for you.
These backs are not suitable for everyone, so let’s explain why.

A Thicker Post
Screw back earrings have a much thicker post than the push back earrings. This happens because the post is needed to have grooves for the screwing mechanism to work.

Some people may find the thicker post more uncomfortable. Another disadvantage is that they take some time to put one, so if you are a person that you are always in a rush maybe the screw back earrings are not suitable for you.

Partial Screw Backs – A Compromise

Partial screw back earrings also exist with such backs only the top quarter of the post is threaded. Also, the earring post is thinner. That makes them a better option in terms of comfort that still has the benefit of security for your diamond stud earrings. These partial screw back earrings can be put on by pushing the earring like you do with the push back earrings. However, in order to take the earring out the backing must be unscrewed.

Earrings that use Screw Backs

All types of earrings can use screw backs, from diamond stud earrings to cheaper stud earrings. They can also be used for dangle earrings. This is in theory, because in practice they are often used for more expensive diamond earrings and also for children earrings.

After you purchase an earring you can change the backing to the one you prefer and if you like screw backs simply take your earrings to a jeweler to make them for you.

Screw backs is a great solution for a woman who likes to wear valuable earrings with security and have peace of mind wearing them. Even if you go to sleep with your earrings on you have no fear that your earrings will come off on their own.

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